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Hello I am here now - I am working with C#

  • Map Editor
  • Model Editor
  • Sprite Editor
  • Texture Editor / Texture Package
  • Skybox Editor ( It looks very close to SkyPaint with realistic 3D-Look )
  • Scripts / Angelscript (angel, as ), Quake Command  ( qc ) and Text ( txt ) and more...
  • And more features if you do not worry if any programs are died than PowerHammer get full support with any features if you do not want use external paint editing like expensive program example Adobe Photoshop or hard understandable Gimp or Paint.Net etc.
PowerHammer is biggest boss of Valve Hammer Editor or J.A.C.K or Sledge Edition with Wally, Half-Life Tools and MikeShape or Spygen etc... and it can support for Half-Life, Quake 1 to 3 and Unity 3D, Blender and any - If I have experiences than I will release.

Sorry for longer busy because I am very supervisoring much. And I think good.

C# is great solution and it has OpenTK 2.0 / 3.0 Pre and Winforms for Windows Version, GTK 2 or 3 for Linux and Appkit for MacOS ( Xamarin.Mac )

Than I think I wish I create Half-Life under C# and you don't need to worry with 3 formats like dylib, so and dll.. I think because Assembly and ConstructorInfo can call sometimes, if gamelaunch.exe will execute under Linux via mkbundle and mac in gamelaunch.app/Contents/MonoBundle/ to dlls like
engine.dll, client.dll and gamemod.dll than you try under Mac or Linux easy. I think better. 

And Steam UIs should like to use from OpenTK UI. But I am not sure... or just from current operating system's userinterface ( gtk, winforms, appkit ).

Thanks for understanding for waiting. But I am not died.

// 07/24/2017 //
Hello everyone,

I have got idea for Half-Life loads dlls like C# wow it is realistically

I am very happy because I can write more more.....

It file is for example: Domain is executable and Customer is librarry.
Click here!

Thanks for understanding and sharing it!


I am working with hlSharp ( Half-Life Sharp written C# port from HL C/C++ )

Now I have fixed arguments and argument like w and h or width and height
Yeah it works fine. But I need to fix for checking if dll doesn't exist than hlSharp will get error messagebox from WiNForms -> MessageBox.show();

And I work twhlpockets map